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/albums/CrewUniforms/crew in uniform 7.JPG Let Rag Wings and Radials bring living history to your airshow with vintage aircraft restored to the finest detail and aircrew in period uniforms! All Rag Wings and Radials’ aircraft are detailed, authentic restorations both inside and out, including original cockpit and cabin equipment, replica guns, and bombs. Our crew members dress in authentic period uniforms, creating a memorable, vintage experience for airshow visitors. We invite you to experience a look back in America’s aviation history….
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Rag Wings and Radials’ B-25J is restored as “Panchito” that served with the 396 Bomb Squadron, 41st Bomb Group, 7th Air Force, stationed in the Central Pacific. Produced in greater numbers than any other American twin-engine combat aircraft, the North American B-25 was one of the most famous twin-engine medium bombers used during World War II. It achieved worldwide fame on 18 April 1942 when sixteen B-25’s, under the command of LtCol Jimmy Doolittle, were launched from the aircraft carrier, Hornet, and attacked Tokyo and other Japanese cities in a daring raid.

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    The UC-78 (also known as the “Bamboo Bomber”) is a World War II fabric covered twin-engine trainer and cargo carrier. Our UC-78 was built in October 1943 and delivered to the Army Air Forces at Pampa, Texas on 8 January 1944. It was used to train air cadets at Pampa until late in 1944. Fewer than twenty are flying today.

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  • /albums/L16/L-16 with steve Nuwer.jpg
    Our Aeronca L-16’s restoration reflects credit on the U.S. Air Force’s famous liaison aircraft of the Korean War era. Other aircraft are available as well.

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